Scary Bitcoin price forecast from Tone Vays: BTC on October 5th…

Tone Vays’ scary Bitcoin price forecast worries investors. What awaits Bitcoin on October 5, 2019? BTC, how many dollars will this date?

Here’s a scary Bitcoin price estimate from Tone Vays!
Bitcoin is growing rapidly and taking market dominance one step further each time. But BTC’s recent price movements are beginning to fade out the hope that the digital currency is preparing for an appropriate parabolic movement.

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Many investors expect Bitcoin to rise. However, Tone Vays, known as a popular crypto analyst and trader, came up today again with the scary Bitcoin price forecast. Vays claims that the price of the digital currency will drop to $ 7,000 by October 5th.

Will Bitcoin rise or fall?
Bitcoin, the largest digital currency according to market capitalization, recorded a significant price drop a few days ago and fell below the $ 10,000 support level.

During this price decrease, BTC was forecasted to fall into the $ 8,600 price zone. Although Bitcoin seems to be on the rise with a new price trend, the current price activity is still unreliable due to the recent BTC’s response to such movements.

Some crypto currency experts expect Bitcoin to set a new price record in 2019, while others have started to make scary Bitcoin price forecasts. And the recent inconsistencies in BTC’s price increase have led some analysts to believe that the digital currency cannot reach the all-time high of $ 20,000 this year.

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Bitcoin is currently trading above the $ 10,700 resistance level. All crypto currencies in the top 10 are now following the current price trend led by the BTC.

As our article was being prepared for publication, Bitcoin increased by 3% to $ 10,723.60. Time will tell whether the BTC will be able to sustain this latest trend consistently.

Bitcoin price will drop to $ 7,000 by October 5, 2019!
Yes, this eerie Bitcoin price estimate belongs to Tone Vays. Vays is a popular crypto currency analyst who has come up with controversial forecasts. Recently, he has been harshly criticizing Ripple and XRP and attributed the depreciation of XRP to the fraudulent actions of the company behind the asset.

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Yesterday, Twitter’s analyst, known as Rolf, pointed to the possibility that Bitcoin would retrace the $ 11,600 as well as the probability of falling below the $ 10,000 support level. In addition, Analyst quoted Tone Vays’ prediction of the previous price, saying that the BTC would fall to $ 7,000 by October 1, 2019.

$ BTCUSD has room to go up to 11.6K, go down to 10K, back up a bit and probably back down to $ 7K around October 1st. @ToneVays wasn’t October 1st an interesting date for #Bitcoin?ıackj4

  • Rolf (rolflobker) August 19, 2019

Vays confirmed Rolf’s testimony, but said Bitcoin would fall into the $ 7,000 price zone by October 5, 2019, not October 1

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