Nusret joined the NFT madness!


NFT (non-fungible token) rush has begun. News, agenda and last minute developments about this new technology are on this page.

Nusret Gökçe, the world-renowned restaurant operator known as Saltbea, also joined the NFT frenzy. The famous name who owns Nusr-et restaurant chains, which is a phenomenon with its meat cooking method and salting movement, put up for sale a tweet he posted in 2017 on Valuables platform.

NFTs are very popular lately.


The influx of NFT is growing day by day in the world of arts, games and entertainment. Artists put their works to auction as NFT.

Mesut Özil had previously put on sale pokemon cards as NFT on the crampons and jersey designs of the future, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in his first tweet, Youtuber Logan Paul. He joined the NFT rush in Nusret Gökçe and sold the tweet containing the Ottoman steak video with the explanation he shot in 2017 for 6000 dollars.

Ugur Alkapar from Posta newspaper stated in his article that Nusret put his tweets for sale on Valuables platform, where names such as Elon Musk and Kamala Harris, and sold the most expensive one for 6000 dollars. He said that other Tweets found buyers between $ 200 and $ 3000.

Recently, Elon Musk stated that he would sell a work he composed as NFT.


Famous American artist Lindsay Lohan announced that they agreed with TRON to put their works on TRON as NFT.

According to Armstrong, these three NFTs could increase a hundredfold!
Crypto trader Ben Armstrong stated that three NFT tokens could increase 100 times over the next year.

In a recent interview with Carl Martin, he also clarified the process of determining NFT tokens, which he thinks he will bring. Armstrong said he focuses on projects that get the most attention and that this cannot be ignored.

The decentralized video game and entertainment platform WorldWide Asset eXchange (WAX) comes first among the NFT tokens that Amstrong will gain a hundredfold.

Famous trader points out that everything they started with WAX was successful. He emphasizes that WAX itself is not a blockchain but thinks the company does everything they start extraordinarily, so it should be monitored.

The second NFT token on Armstrong’s list is Sandbox (SAND), the virtual real estate world based on Ethereum.

The last NFT token on his list is Enjin (ENJ), which he describes as the virtual game world giant. He says the blockchain-based gaming platform is a pinnacle in the field of crypto games. Armstrong uses the following statements about Enjin:

“Enjin is the leader of the digital game world and I don’t think that will change. I learned a little more about Enjin in the background and this information is exciting. It definitely needs to be focused on. “

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