In just two days the price is 3400% rising bitUSD coin?

What is the price of bit coin increasing by 34 times? In today’s article, we have included this crypto currency, which attracted attention with a dizzying price increase of 3400% in just two days.

What is bitDoD coin increasing by 3400% in two days?
Today (August 13), we witnessed an interesting price increase among the crypto currencies at CoinMarketCap. The price of bitUSD, which is an unheard of token, has increased by 34 times in two days. What’s the 3400% rising bitUSD coin in just two days?

In just two days the price is 3400% rising bitUSD coin?
BitUSD, one of the first stable coins, was first released in 2015. Like other stable coins, the price of this crypto currency is fixed to $ 1, especially in the recent period has gone through a troubled process.

So what is a BitUSD token?

BitUSD is a stable coin designed by EOS founder Daniel Larimer and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson as a base money for the BitShares platform.


The price, which should be fixed to $ 1 crypto currency, after the month of 2018 market could not recover for a long time. By March almost bitUSD traded below $ 1. And after March, he kept going for under $ 1.

This crypto currency, extracted as base money for BitShares, did not meet our expectations but surprisingly the prices of bitUSD made the ceiling for 2 days. So what is the bitUSD coin, why it rose?

In fact, the price of this stable coin, which saw a great pump and dump yesterday, is not based on any developments. Ascension is a simple pump and dump. The crypto currency, which opened with 11 dollars, saw 125 dollars as the highest level during the day, while the lowest level was 2 dollars. Closing with $ 22.53 made.

In addition to the question of what is bitUSD coin, bitUSD (BITUSD), one of the BitShares platform tokens, is currently being actively used on the OpenLedger DEX and BitShares Asset Exchange exchanges outside BitShare.

Interestingly, the price of bitUSD was less than $ 1 on August 11, while it exceeded $ 13 yesterday (August 12) and was among the top 100 crypto currencies in market capitalization.

Today, this huge rise continued. According to CoinMarketCap data, the price of the token, ranked 53rd, is up 159%.


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