Current price prediction for Cardano ADA coin, March 18

Using some fundamental and technical analysis about Cardano price prediction, we will provide you with a projection by 2025.

Cardano ADA coin is the third largest coin in the crypto money market in terms of Market Cap value.

The ADA coin has been rising for the past three days. The ADA coin has been moving bearishly for a while, forming the Descending Triangle formation. The ADA coin, which broke the falling formation, succeeded in burning 3 green candles in a row.

The uptrend has the potential to raise ADA up to $ 1.50.

The ADA coin, the native token of the Cardano platform, had dropped to $ 0.95 earlier this week. The coin, which started to rise from this level, has increased by 29.16% in the last 7 days.

However, the triangle formation alone is not effective when the ADA coin is bullish. ADA has been on the Bloomberg list and then on the US-based crypto exchange Coinbase Pro lists for the past two days.

On the other hand, this success of Cardano is not a coincidence. With the “Mary” update over the past weeks, Cardano has now been able to allow NFT development.

ADA coin expects $ 1.50
The technical indicators for the Cardano ADA coin are very positive. In the ADA / USD parity, the Falling Triangle formation was broken and an uptrend came.

Normally, when the Falling Triangle pattern breaks up, the asset is expected to rise by the distance between the top and bottom trendline.

In ADA coin, this distance indicates the level of approximately $ 1.50.

On the negative side of the event, the RSI indicator appears to be giving an overbought signal. It may be possible to talk about a minor correction at this stage. In this case, the ADA coin may go down to the level of $ 1.26-1.29 and go through a correction phase.

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